5 questions to ask before hiring an SEO consultant

How can you help my business?

It is important to discuss the plans and methods to be used in making your business more effective. A good SEO consultant knows how to explain the step by step process and the expected outcome to their clients clearly.

Can you show me results of your previous and present clients?

Remember the saying “to see is to believe”. It is easy to talk about greatest achievements and clever strategies in optimizing the website in search engine but before you buy these sweet words, make sure to see positive results like the one you are aiming for. If the consultant is telling the truth that he can help your business with SEO then he can show you at least a few satisfied and successful business owners who availed his services.

Can you guarantee my website to have a higher ranking after hiring you?

A consultant who knows what he is doing and can successfully optimize your website will give you a positive answer. If the person cannot guarantee an improvement then just walk away and get another consultant.

How can I track my website traffic progress and SEO ranking?

The SEO consultant must explain to you how Google Analytics work. This is where you track the people visiting your website and how often you get visited.

How long is the contract and how much should I pay?

Make sure to be clear about the payment terms and exact fees that you are going to spend. The contract is very important and must not be breech or else legal action must be done. When you are satisfied with the results you can simply renew the contract and continue availing the consultation services.


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