About Us

Are you eager to learn the basics of Search Engine Optimization? Do you want to make your website visible to all the potential clients? Whatever reason you may have, I am here to help and support you. My name is Sean Pankhurst, an SEO consultant and internet marketer from Sydney, Australia.

I used to work in a web development company as a Senior Programmer for 8 years but I decided to put up my own company and started an SEO consulting firm. Digital advertising is my passion and I am happy to learn more as I help other people understand how SEO and online marketing works.

Hiring an SEO expert / consultant or Web Developer to help you in managing your website is not that affordable and that is why I decided to make a blog entitled Seoswotteam.com, together with my previous colleagues. Our purpose is to guide and train those who want to learn but cannot afford to pay for a specialist.

By doing this, I feel that my life in web development and internet marketing is more meaningful. Knowing that there are people who are depending on SEO consultants like me in order to succeed in their goals is definitely rewarding.

I can say that these blog posts and articles that we make is done with pure effort. We pour our hearts and ideas to come up with the best write-ups so we can help website owners and interested learners to fully understand how marketing and SEO evolves from time to time.

I am so blessed and proud to have dedicated followers in our blog and I am still calling more people to become aware of the positive results of Search Engine Optimization and Digital Advertising on our businesses and personal lives.